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Our mission

To accelerate the access to healthier and more sustainable food solutions through innovative and reasonably priced products whilst zeroing our carbon footprint

Our vision

To be the leading manufacturer of great food products that positively impact our clients, society and the enviroment.

Our production lines

Energy balls

Filled and unfilled, these are available in a number of different package sizes, weight and flavour varieties. Fillings from nut pastes to fruit jams. 

Energy Balls

Raw Bars

Available with a variety of different weights and flavour varietes. Additionally, and exclusive to WildBran, also available in filled format.


Nut  butters

Available in bulk and in end-consumer formats. With a variety of flavours and mixes, from one to multiple ingredients per sku.


Powder & Granulate Mixes

Available in a range of  different packaging formats, from pouches to pillow bags.


How can working with us positively affect your business?

Reaching High

We search the market for needs and opportunities and develop turnkey products that best service them.


Being Exclusive

We list exclusive products entirely developed by our R&D teams that aren't manufactured elsewhere.


Betting on Quality

Quality is our measure of excellence. We don't settle for good, we work to be great.

Our 6 goals towards carbon neutrality

Short supply


WildBran is currently under an extensive project to reduce or eliminate dependency on global supply chains by sourcing closer to home while also choosing food producers with lower CO2 footprints.



As an industrial company our energy needs are high and thus so is our carbon footprint. WildBran is investing in solar energy to supply our facilities and we hope to reduce from grid power usage by 60% by 2024.



In 2021 we did a comprehensive overhaul on our plastic packages and reduced their size by 50%. Which means we will be using 50% less plastic in our major products lines. 



Our R&D team is focusing on creating healthy and marketable food solutions with a low carbon footprint by using industrial subproducts. This will simultaneously reduce industrial waste and cut costs.

Recyclability of


All of our trays and cartons are made from 100% recycled paper. We are additionally sourcing for 100% recyclable plastic solutions.



We can't completely curb our carbon emissions without offsets. WildBran is developing a verified carbon offset project to ensure our operations and products have a compensated impact on our ecosystems.

Let's partner up

We are happy to discuss any inquiries you may have concerning our products and services.

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WildBran - Specialists in manufacturing great snack food